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D.José Luis de Casasola

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D. José Luis de Casasola

D. José Luis de Casasola was born in Madrid, Spain. Son of a sculptor and teacher of arts, he grew, since very young, in arts, which will accompany him along his life.

Self-taught sculptor and painter of international fame, he has works in El Museo de Méjico and in several states of The United States of America. As well, the Royal English Family and the ex president of The United States of America, George Bush, have some of his original works.

The sculptural technique of D. Joss Luis Casasola, reach its maximum expression in the realization of his well-known animals: Arabian horses, Spanish breeding horses, pure English horses, and, of course, the emblematic Spanish bull of Lidia. In all of them, life is latent through a perfect anatomic study of so beautiful animals.

The synergetic themes are also present in the prolific career of this artist: falcons, eagles, stags and, in his latest works, a marvelous collection of wild animals as lions, tigers, panthers… Due at fact that nature in all of its expressions is one of the preferred subjects of D. José Luis de Casasola.

All the life, action and movements, they are shaped in its totality, as well as the freedom sensation that those animals detach where they are in their natural environment.

In his facet of painter, D. José Luis de Casasola has made portrayals at eminent world personalities from de political environment as: Ronald Reagan, Mijail Gorbachov, Margaret Thatcher, the King Fahd of Arabia Saudi, the Emir of Kuwait, the president of the United Arab Emirates, etc…

He has realized expositions of his works in Madrid, El Escorial, Valencia, Valladolid, Barcelona (between those detach the one who took place in the Hotel Ritz), and in several cities of the United States of America and South America.



Manel Vidal Torrens

The sculptor Manel Vidal Torrens was born in 1953 in Barcelona, where he still lives and works.
A self-taught artist who dedicates body and soul to the search for formal perfection. He has become know through many artistic statements, such as these:


  • Municipal Exhibition Hall (Igualada 1992)
  • Berger Balaguer Forum (Vilafranca Del Penedès 1993)
  • Caixa de Tarragona (Tarragona).
  • Great Hall of the Hospital (l'Espluga Del Francolí, Tarragona 1994)
  • Permanent Exhibition in Passeig de Gràcia (Barcelona)
  • Permanent Exhibition in Platja d'Aro (Girona)

Sculptures in public places:

  • Life-size sculpture of the poet Antoni Massanell (Vilafranca Del Penedès).
  • La Noia Del Balcó (Girl on a Balcony) in the auditorium Paper de Música, Capellades.
  • L'Espera, life-size. Art Foundation, Munich.
  • Encisadora (Charmer), life-size.(The Olympic Swimming Pool, Montpellier)
  • Life-size sculptures in Spain, France Germany, Belgium, Taiwan and Japan.


  • Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (Terrassa) three life-size sculptures.
  • Small scale collections in Spain, France, Germany, Brazil, Belgium and the United States.

Vidal works with many different materials as stone, wood, marble, clay and iron, though the majority of his works end up cast in bronze.

Natural size sculptures are made using the lost-wax process, which is one of the most ancient techniques. And ardent admirer of the human form, particularly, he loves the females forms, he observes its details and its underlines differences. His figures meditate, they are charged with nostalgia. They seem to be about to attempt a sigh or to whisper a word of adoration. As the artist say:

“I just work, work and work...
until I fall in love with the sculpture"

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